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Hey everybody, this is RobertoBlake of robertoblake.

Com, helping you createsomething awesome today.

So, what I wanna talk abouttoday is stock photography, stock images, templates,themes, that sort of thing.

Believe it or not, regardless of what levelgraphic designer you are, these things matter andthey’re important to you.

Sometimes the client isnot always gonna give you great images and things to work with and you to deliver on a concept.

Sometimes you’re goingto need to actually get a stock photo or series of stock photos to do an in house designjob for your boss.

Some companies actually have a budget for that sort of thing, other times they’ll expectyou to hunt that stuff down.

This has been true for me as a freelancer, this has been true for meas an in house designer, this has been true for meworking at an ad agency, and it’s certainly been true for me as a creative entrepreneur.

So I’m gonna give you guysfive resources that I use to get stock images, templatesand all of those things.

So more recently I’ve actuallystarted using Adobe Stock.

And in full disclosure, I amnow a Adobe Stock ambassador, which is actually really cool, and they hooked me upwith some free images.

But beyond that, I haveto pay for the service just the same as the rest of you guys.

One of the reasons AdobeStock is such a great resource is because they acquired Fotolia.

Fotolia is one of theindependent stock houses that wasn’t absorbed by Getty Images, which means that they havea lot of unique images and they have a lot of greatdeals with their contributors, versus, there are a lotof people who complained about the Getty brand companies, and there are reasons for that which I may talk about in another video, I don’t know how I feel about that.

That’s more of a photography topic.

Maybe I’ll cover that on Wednesday.

But with that in mind, Adobe Stock has some really cool stuff.

Now, there is a subscriptionmembership, it is $30 a month, and you get 10 images with that.

I know there are peoplewho are gonna complain about yet another Adobe subscription.

I will probably talk aboutthat in another video, but I think it’s practical.

What you guys need to understand is.

I’m paying $75 a month rightnow just to send you guys my Create Awesome newsletter every week.

So if you think Adobe’s expensive, try all the otherbusiness expenses, please.

But if you need somethingsuper affordable, well, there are alternatives.

Let’s start with somethingfree, freeimages.


The resources here, not always the best, but they are free and they are available.

At some point I’ll probably do a video on five free resources for stock photos.

In fact, if this video can get 500 likes, I will do that pretty muchas soon as that happens.

There is a limit to the typeof assets you get with this.

You’re not gonna get vectorpacks which you do with Adobe and the other sites thatI’m gonna mention here.

And you’re not gonna get thingslike infographic templates, which are really convenient actually, and the other types of PSDs.

These are pretty much gonna be jpeg images for the most part.

There is a variety and, again, if you need something that’s free because maybe you’re a student, then I would recommend it.

iStockphoto is somethingthat I’ve used for years and that is now owned by Getty and thus I use them a lot less.

So if nothing else, I would sign up for afree iStockphoto account and download the free images every week.

Another affordable solutionthat is a stock house that’s independent of Gettyright now is CanStockPhoto.

This is where I actuallylove to get images that are affordable, I can go ahead and buy creditsfrom them, it’s fantastic.

And what I really like is that they also have alot of unique images.

I don’t see these same photospopping up just everywhere.

So between Adobe Stock and CanStockPhoto, those are usually two ofmy go-tos in terms of, like, paid stock photos and images.

And in my opinion, theyhave some of the best stuff.

Finally, and this one iskinda more than one by itself, is the Envato network of sites.

ThemeForest and PhotoDune in particular.

A graphic river lets you go ahead and grab Photoshop templates, InDesign templates, Illustrator stuff with vector assets.

It’s for all around graphics.

Pretty much everything youneed, from magazine templates, banner ads, you name it.

PhotoDune focuses on photography and that’s where youcan get those resources, whereas ThemeForest focuseson website templates and email templates.

So you have a lot of options there.

With Adobe Stock I like thatyou get a variety as well.

The same thing with iStockphoto sometimes, there are other assets you can get there, such as Illustrator files.

So between these five solutions, you know, and I’m including theEnvato network as one when it’s really multiple websites, then you have some variety here.

Whatever you might needas a graphic designer, whenever you might need todo digital vector artwork, whenever you might needto do even websites, you have some options and some solutions to get these things as a graphic designer.

I think it’s really practical because you can save time with this, you can still customize itto your heart’s content.

What I like about Adobe Stock is you can use this stuff commercially in your paid projects.

Most of the other graphicsites and stock photo sites, you can do that as well.

Just make sure you’re reading the terms and conditions very carefully.

I might even do a videoabout that in the future and about how to usestock photos like that.

I might just wanna bring in somebody who has the legal sideof it, as an expertise, because that stuff gets complicated.

So, like I said, thoseare five stock photo and image resources for you guys, and you can check them out.

And again, freeimages.

Com is free.

If you guys want me todo a list of nothing but resources where you can getfree stock images and downloads, 500 likes on this video.

Also, I’m running a poll.

Of these, you know, fiveoptions that I gave you, which one do you like the most if you’ve ever used it in the past, or sounds the most appealing to you? I also wanna know how you guys are using stock images andtemplates in your everyday work, so let me know that inthe comment section.

Like this video if you likeit, don’t forget to subscribe.

Check out the other awesomecontent on the channel.

Remember, graphic design videosare typically on Mondays.

As always you guys, thanksso much for watching and don’t forget, createsomething awesome today.¬†For additional local Limo Service in CT visit ctairlink.

Take care.

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